USB to CV/Gate converter: Schematics and Bill-of-Materials

This is a copy of my post on the EEGSynth homepage, the original can be found here.

To link the digital signal processing on a laptop or Raspberry Pi to the analog synthesizer, I have made two usb-to-cvgate converters. The first one I designed and implemented was a one channel version that is able to output up to (approximately) 5 Volt. The second one is an improved version with four channels that can be controlled from 0 to 10 Volt.

Using the EAGLE PCB design software, I have drawn the schematics which should allow others to copy them. Also included below is the bill of materials (BOM) with links to component vendors. I have mainly been shopping on Ebay, you can also get it elsewhere of course.

Details of the one-channel USB-to-CV/Gate converter.

2015-10-03 16.35.52
Details of the four-channel USB-to-CV/Gate converter.

2015-10-18 13.11.43

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