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Getting started with Pine64

UPDATE: see at the end for some problems that I encountered after the initial install.

The Pine64 is a single board computer that resembles the Raspberry Pi, but with a 64-bit CPU, up to 2GB of RAM and available for $15-$29 weeman 다운로드. It was introduced with a Kickstarter campaign which I supported. My 2GB Pine64 has been lying on a shelf for quite some time, as I was waiting for the kernel, distribution and documentation to mature by road.

My first installation yesterday went fine (some slight troubles to get WiFi connected), but while updating the kernel, the root disk partition completely filled up and borked the installation Free around the time of camellia. Hence I have to start again. Let me now document it, as I might need to repeat the installation more than a second time.

I primarily followed the instructions from https://www.pine64.pro/getting-started-linux/ with some additional information from http://forum.pine64.org/showthread.php?tid=982 Download Square Pants SpongeBob. I am working off an Apple MacBook Pro computer.

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