Use SSH tunnel to access remote linux computer

This is a very short reminder for myself how to set up a reverse SSH tunnel between two computers, using an intermediate Raspberry Pi computer that can be accessed from both.

This assumes that you have three computers

  1. A remote linux computer that you want to tunnel to. You should be able execute commands on it, for example through VPN, TeamViewer or so.
  2. A raspberry pi or similar linux computer at home that is in the DMZ of your home network, i.e., it can be directly accessed from the internet.
  3. Your macbook that you want to connect to.

The schematic connection setup is like this:

remote -> raspberry -> macbook
macbook -------------> remote

On the remote Linux computer that you want to access over ssh:

ssh raspberrypi.local -R 2022:localhost:22

On the raspberry pi, where you are now logged in:

ssh macbook.local -R 2022:localhost:2022

On your macbook on which you are actually working:

ssh localhost -p 2022

This will connect you directly from your local macbook to the remote linux computer.

To use rsync over ssh, you have to explicitly specify the port

rsync --progress -arpv --delete -e "ssh -p 2022" <localpath> <remotepath>

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