Neuroscan data conversion

C-code to read/convert Neuroscan 3.x (and partially 4.x?) AVG, EEG and CNT datafiles

This page gives the c-code to some applications and functions which read the Neuroscan EEG data format. A part of this code comes from the Neuroscan website, a part was written by myself. The code is completely free (as in free beer) and it comes with no license or conditions of use. I give it to you in the hope that it will be usefull. However, I do not accept any responsibility for the correctness and usefullness of this code.

You might also be interested in reading the information on different versions of the Neuroscan dataformat on their site.

Header files: Source code files: You can also download all of the code in a single zip file

Copyright (C) 2000, Robert Oostenveld