EEG combined with VR

We recently had a meeting at the Astron radio telescope for the COGITO project with Daniela de Paulis, Stephen Whitmarsh, Guillaume Dumas and others. One of the goals of that meeting was to try out the combination of the EEG system with the Oculus Rift VR system.

For the COGITO project we are using the GTec Nautilus EEG system. Our specific system comprises of a 32-channel wireless amplifier that mounts on the back of the EEG cap, in combination with EEG caps in three different sizes. The caps have 64 holes at a subset of the  locations of the 5% electrode placement standard. We are not using the “Sahara” dry electrode option, but rather the regular wet electrodes.

We started by removing all electrodes and cups from the cap, to get a clear view on which electrode sites are accessible. The central electrode locations (i.e. the z-line), temporal electrode locations and occipital electrode locations are occluded by the VR head mount. But there are still plenty of electrode locations accessible.

We are using the Nautilus in combination with wet electrodes. These consist of a small cup that is mounted in the holes of the cap. Each cup comes with a label. It is a bit fiddly to mount all the cups on the cap; not something to do every day.

The electrodes themselves are fixed to the wireless amplifier and “click” smoothly onto the cup. We made some small adjustments to the selected electrode sites to have them all fit nicely in the spaces of the VR head mount.

The Nautilus EEG system has two sets of wires, going to the left and right. That is convenient with the head mount.

Putting on the VR headset on top of the EEG cap and removing it again requires care, it is easy for electrode wires to get stuck. But once the VR headset is mounted over the EEG cap it all fits nicely and is comfortable for the subject.

Below you can see Guillaume, wearing the EEG and VR system while he is seeing the 3D movie and while EEG is recorded.

7 thoughts on “EEG combined with VR

  1. Robert Post author

    The list price for the 32-channel system is somewhere around 15,000 euro. We bought it for the Cogito project, which G.tec generously supported by offering the system to us with a significant discount.

  2. Rikke Petersen

    Is this research published? If it is, can you link it to me? I am doing research close related to this, for my master thesis, so I’m very interested.

  3. Plaffordance

    Hello Sir, I want to ask you, Could I use these pictures for my lecture ppt materials?
    I’m just surfing about the Collaboration between VR and EEG system for neuroarchitecture.

    1. Robert Post author

      Dear Plaffordance, thanks for asking. Hereby I grant you permission to use the photo’s from the blog post “EEG combined with VR” for your lecture material. Best regards, Robert


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