Arduino kWh and M^3/h energy meter – gathering the components

I am working on an energy meter that is to show the instantaneous electrical power (kWh ) and natural gas usage (M^3/h) in our house. A bit like <a href=””></a>, but with two recordings, data logging to an SD card and with some buttons to switch the display from the instantaneous recording to usage per-minute, per-hour, etc.

I just managed to get all components hooked up to the Arduino nano. See the photo for an impression.

The project includes

  • Arduino Nano
  • RTC
  • CRT5000 Infrared Reflectance 2x
  • SD card module
  • 1602 LCD

I am still waiting for the two pushbuttons. Once those arrive I’ll finalize the electronics and software and transfer it to a perfboard.